Reform and Changes of Wenzhou Valve Foreign Trade Market

& nbsp;& nbsp; I remember in the late 1990s, except for a few export valve enterprises such as K K, L J, B T L, etc. in Wenzhou, professional American standards such as Y D and Z D emerged in the later stage. These initially cooperated with several foreign trade companies in Xiamen and received a considerable number of foreign orders. From then on, the Wenzhou valve foreign trade market truly opened. At the beginning, the doors of several companies with surnames Wang in Xiamen were knocked down by the small bosses in Wenzhou who wanted to use the American standard on time machines. Manufacturers producing American standards and German standards have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain< br /> & nbsp;& nbsp; Indeed, the quantity of foreign trade orders is large, and payment is good. Based on this situation, many manufacturers that originally produced national standard valves have also been constantly boasting that they are professional American standards. Among them, companies such as J H and K S T blindly follow the trend and rush forward. The process required for producing American standard valves is different from that confirmed by national standards. National standard three water boundaries, American standard thread lines. The process of protection is completely different. It's a bit uncomfortable for those who do national standards to do American standards. As a result, some companies that blindly started in the later stage gradually declined after several years. But there are constantly new companies that specialize in American standards. I remember using molybdenum disulfide to replace the valve seat in the past can ensure that the threaded valve seat does not bite. I believe those who understand this process are all experienced drivers< br /> & nbsp;& nbsp; From 2006 to 2008, it was a period when American standard valves were launched in large quantities. At this stage, there are no less than 30 large and small professional American standards and a wide variety of groups commonly known as "just valves" that can be manufactured, and large enterprises are constantly developing American standard valves. The intense price competition in the whole market is rare in the valve industry. The 2-inch gate valves were shipped from the Wenzhou market to the world in one day, reaching a height of 3000 units (obtained from customs data). If someone with expertise came out to coordinate and arrange the implementation of specialized work using specialized means. For example, a professional 2-4-inch valve body (as the 6150 device can directly remove the 2-4-inch valve body without changing the chuck) is produced by a specialized manufacturer, rather than buying a horizontal car, a vertical car, and a boring machine that can directly go up to 24 inches, preferably up to 36 inches on a 2.5 meter vertical car. This trend has suddenly created a situation where Wenzhou Liche can only be bought at a higher price. The minimum wage for a vertical lathe worker reaches 8000 yuan, and the highest salary for the three vertical lathe workers in the entire workshop, which is over 25000 yuan, is how boastful< br /> & nbsp;& nbsp; As enterprises continue to increase their US standard export business, you can take a look at the rapid development of the number of self operated import and export approvals in recent years. Previously, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, import and export rights could only be granted to 500000 yuan or directly self operated import and export. The number of US dollar accounts in banks and enterprises is constantly increasing. The demand from parents in Wenzhou for their children to learn English and engage in foreign trade is increasing, as if they can do business after learning English. Little did they know that the market had already begun to differentiate at this time< br /> & nbsp;& nbsp; Manual valves are not technically difficult, but there is no Wenzhou valve enterprise that truly achieves unified configuration. Why? Because the raw materials did not meet the requirements. The deviation caused by the casting process cannot be completed by CNC machining. I believe many valve owners in Wenzhou are exploring the differences in replacing castings with craftsmanship, but it is really too difficult. As mentioned earlier, this will require a lot of costs and costs. In the end, few of them persisted. At this time, the market price became more and more transparent. How to reduce costs has made a group of intelligent bosses ponder day and night. At this time, they came up with the ANSI B16.34 standard to replace the API6D standard. You said it does not meet the standard, but it also meets the requirements. However, the size is small, the wall thickness is thin, the cost is reduced, and the customer wants it. Finally, the problem came, and Wenzhou valve was blacklisted< br /> & nbsp;& nbsp; In recent years, foreign trade of valves has indeed become increasingly difficult. Because fewer and fewer people understand valves, or even those who know more dare not make valves anymore, because many things that should not be saved really cannot be saved. The path of foreign trade for valves is long and difficult, but I believe the future is bright