What are the types of valve seats and what is the typical process for a horseshoe shaped valve seat?

The valve seat is composed of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, end planes, and threaded surfaces, and is a sleeve type component. There are four types of valve seats< br /> According to the purpose of the valve, its seat is further divided into metal seat and non-metallic seat. The non-metallic valve seat has a simple structure and belongs to the annular valve seat< br /> The horseshoe shaped valve seat is usually used for wedge gate valves below DN150mm. In mass production, the horseshoe shaped valve seat (sealing surface formed by welding) can follow the typical process as shown in Table 5-12< br /> Table 5-12 Typical Process of Horseshoe Valve Seat

The rough turning of the sealing surface before welding and the processing after welding are completed on a lathe during this process