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Stainless steel ball valve01

A valve is a pipeline accessory used to open and close pipelines, control flow direction, regulate and control the parameters (temperature, pressure, and flow) of the conveying medium. According to their functions, they can be divided into shut-off valves, check valves, regulating valves, etc< Br> Valves are control components in fluid conveying systems that have functions such as cutoff, regulation, flow guidance, prevention of backflow, pressure stabilization, diversion, or overflow pressure relief. Valves used in fluid control systems, ranging from the simplest globe valves to various valves used in extremely complex self-control systems, have a wide variety of varieties and specifications< Br> Valves can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil products, liquid metals, and radioactive media. Valves are further divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valves, stainless steel valves( 304, 338, etc.), chromium molybdenum steel valves, chromium molybdenum vanadium steel valves, duplex steel valves, plastic valves, non-standard customized valves, etc.


Stainless steel ball valve01


The product is reliable in performance and durable, specifically designed and manufactured for industrial applications. It is one of the leading valves for achieving on/off and flow control in pipeline systems. Adopting modular design combined with high-quality actuators, it is widely used in industries such as petrochemicals, energy, metallurgy, pure water industry, and municipal water supply and drainage. Removable sealing seat design, multiple sealing materials can be selected with lugs, and the clamp structure can be selected according to series standards. The actuator connection complies with ISO5233 standard.


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